no title? (just in case this wasn’t saved already!)

a destination i will never reach, yet long to frequent
once again; a place open in past reaches, long lost
breaches; in time and place made closedlocked by
my weakness, a secret (terribly) well hidden.

into that room, my imagination is bidden; and i,
i examine the cracks, the last-ditch patches
clumsily laid; frantic work done by a soul un-made,
broken by hands (mine?), broken but stands

o, to inhabit that deep place once again! once
twice i had the chance, thrice you were mine and
now rewatching worlds unwind, thoughts memories
buried to find, forgiveness a prospect left far behind

(i promise, someday you’ll be free from fear
and if on that day your heart should demand
that i take you away-far away from here
i would; and we’d go from there, hand in hand)


~ by justinhong on October 9, 2008.

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