The Word became…

    He then glanced past her and noticed that a third person had emerged from the cabin, this one a man. He appeared Middle Eastern and was dressed like a laborer, complete with tool belt and gloves. He stood easily, leaning against the door jamb with his arms crossed in front of him, wearing jeans covered in wood dust and a plaid shirt with sleeves rolled just above the elbows, revealing well muscled forearms. His features were pleasant enough, but he was not particularly handsome–not a man who would stick out in a crowd. But his eyes and smile lit up his face and Mack found it difficult to look away.


~ by justinhong on October 2, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Word became…”

  1. yes! the Shack!!

  2. i enjoyed that book.

  3. i like this.

  4. hahah and you’ve been wearing jeans and plaid shirts this whole time! i guess you were more jesus like than everyone gave you credit for 😉

  5. @fAtZ – haha that was my point! thank you for picking up on that 😀 also, the muscular forearms. hehe.

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