it’s been awhile! i’d like to say that this hiatus was due to being out living life, but alas, it’s not so exciting (probably more like me being discouraged because nobody’s been commenting on my posts) :*(

lately i’ve been thinking of a way to shake myself out of this rut that habit and the daily grind has dug in my life. the rut could be described as “the rut of minimal effort”. i think that my body and mind are really efficient, meaning that i’m really good at figuring out what the normal and minimal amount of energy it takes to get through most days and adjusting my schedule/energy levels to fit that average. needless to say, this makes achieving such goals as “living life to the fullest” and “seeking adventure” difficult at the very least.

i’m wondering if this is a situation that requires drastic measures or a re-centering and rediscovering priorities, or both? do i need to take up meaningful volunteer work or read more books or take a class or go out and party(? haha) more? maybe all of the above? but i guess in any case i should prepare myself for the painful process of increasing my daily energy stores and sleeping earlier.


~ by justinhong on August 27, 2008.

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  1. Re-centering and rediscovering priorities. I could use that. Thanks for the thoughts bro.

  2. Word with ‘Drew. It’s always a balance we’re trying to get.

  3. you wanna know something that i’m coming to realize more and more? just don’t be scared… there are a million things in life that we want to do, millions of things that god puts on our hearts, and for the most part, we let them slide into mediocrity (as in not doing it) because we are scared… or lazy (but usually we use our laziness as an excuse cause we are scared) so.. don’t be scared. be like nike and just do it. like actually. it probably makes all the difference in the end :)miss you.

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