The Most Dangerous Man in the World…

folks, that’s him. Fedor “The Last Emperor” Emilianenko. a chilling
sight isn’t it? Fedor’s a russian born fighter and is trained in
multiple striking martial arts styles and is a champion competitor in
sambo (the russian militarized adaptation of brazilian juijitsu.)

6’0″ and 230lbs, his size isn’t much to write home about (especially
concerning MMA heavyweights). for instance, his most recent fight was
last weekend against former UFC heavyweight tim sylvia (6’8″ and 263
lbs), i’ll let the video speak for itself. watch it, it won’t take up
much of your time at all, i.e. less than a minute.

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Tim Sylvia – Watch more free videos

i also think that part of his appeal is that he doesn’t come off as flashy and arrogant like a lot of other fighters out there (think WWE and all that nonsense). he plays cards with his crew (not trying to be cool, his crew = trainers, doctors etc…) before fights and shows a lot of respect before and after (he owns his opponents). when he entered the arena for his match on saturday his intro music was some sad russian classical music haha and he looked like an executioner going to work than a professional fighter/entertainer.

fedor does very little weight training and his workouts consist mostly of running (wikipedia said twice a day for a total of 12-15km), actual grappling and boxing, and doing crazy stuff in a playground at his home in russia like fast pull ups, hitting a tire repeatedly with a sledge hammer and doing weird throwing motions with a big resistance rubber band.

here are some of my favorite lines from this interview:
(the parenthetical remarks, other than this one haha, are added by the translator)

Q. how many pull-ups do you do?

A. I don’t go to maximum, I stop at 30, but i do them very fast! Take a break and do it again a few times like this. (LOL WTF)

Q. What music do you like most?

A. Russian pop (that sh!t is horrible and funny, you can hear it when they are playing cards before the Hunt fight:…cards+playing)

Q. Do you have pets?

A. Yes, I have a turtle (LMAO)

now for some more crazy videos of him!

1) vs. kevin randleman, champion ncaa wrestler. a short but really exciting fight. fedor gets suplexed!

2) vs. hong man choi (what a name!), the korean giant at 7’2″ and 350+ lbs

ok so i know this totally makes me look like a meathead 😦 but fighting’s actually really fun to watch and while part of it is about dominance i think it’s a very pure sport, i.e. while you’re in the ring there’s very little equipment factor, unlike in olympic swimming or some other sport like that, to muss up results. it’s really just two guys testing their strength and skill against each other (with a bit/a lot of luck thrown in).


~ by justinhong on July 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Most Dangerous Man in the World…”

  1. Fedor Emilianenko is a beast. He’s a big superstar here in Korea.

  2. Hahaha, it was hilarious when Fedor was just repeatedly punching Randleman’s head.And, in those last two fights, I think Fedor got himself into bad positions just to make things more interesting.

  3. time to upgrade to wordpress my friend.

  4. hahaha all the people on my team think im ridiculous cause i was laughing so hard at my comp.anyways. i miss you.but i feel somewhat connected to you cause of the existence of hong man choi. its like we are connected but not in some physical manifestation of pure strength… and i suppose ugliness.

  5. @fAtZ – haha did you actually watch the videos? fedor’s so crazy!and yeah hong man choi is a ridiculous name, like one you would expect to find in the racist novels of old.

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