now’s the time!

hey everyone! i’d like to hop back on the soapbox realllll quick and encourage you guys to start making a difference! i feel like i can’t really ask you to do something i haven’t yet but i think sometimes good advice is good even if it’s a bit hypocritical for the speaker to be giving it 😛

but yeah, with rising food and fuel prices i believe that there’s no time like to present to start eating organic and local! this is totaly anecdotal evidence but at work our accountant researched that real food prices have gone up about 7-8% over the past year (probably a higher percentage over the past few months) but my coworker Erdem who participates in community supported agriculture says his food prices haven’t really gone up at all.

this makes sense to me because corn prices are way up, so foods that require corn to produce (read: everything in the processed food industry + cornfed cows and chickens) are getting more expensive, but grass fed beef/organic chickens aren’t! also even though everyone is effected by high gas prices, if you eat local you shouldn’t be hit too bad with that aspect of our churning economy either.

tonight i ate a turkish meal with some grassfed ground beef my coworker gave me and last week erdem gave me an organic peach to eat and both were really delicious. if you’re interested go to and check out the CSAs (they have produce ones as well as meat ones)

you are what you eat! so make sure you’re something other than corn sometimes 😀


~ by justinhong on July 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “now’s the time!”

  1. i smell michael pollan’s the omnivore’s dilemma 🙂 i just read the first chapter but had to take a break because of other readings… hey, aren’t organic things more expensive?

  2. @gumpshrimp –  haha dama you’re right! that book is really good :Dthey are but my point is, with the rising fuel and food costs the difference is going to get smaller. it was already worth it (if not from an economic perspective, definitely from a healt and environmental perspective) to eat locally and organic, but not it’s even more so!

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