since my last post didn’t get any comments :(

(haha jk i’m not just posting b/c of that, though i’m pretty sure i will get many comments on this post, well at least more than zero.)

should one get to know a girl before asking her out on a date? i.e. more than fb friend/acquiantance status. i guess it would be ideal huh? but in this day and age (haha i think i mean something more like “at this point in my life”) isn’t that exponentially harder than it was when we were still in school?

part of dating is the getting to know the other person part right? i guess i’m just wondering if and when it’s okay to start what i would call “investigative dating” (haha! angela calls it “grown up dating”). i mean in the past it was easy to get to know girls outside of dating them b/c they were all over the place. but i feel that even though that’s not really the case anymore, i’m still too young to use dating as a detective tool. but maybe i’m not that young anymore?

and i guess if i do decide to go for it, i should shave first huh?

on the bright side: it’s pretty encouraging that there are still many eligible ladies out there đŸ˜€


~ by justinhong on July 9, 2008.

13 Responses to “since my last post didn’t get any comments :(”

  1. i say just ask even if you guys are just acquiantances.  and with the shaving thing…i derno…it’s a toss up…haha.  i’m not one to ask.  ; ) 
    and by the way…i didn’t read your last post so i haven’t gotten a chance to comment on it! 

  2. »should one get to know a girl before asking her out on a date? i.e. more than fb friend/acquiantance status.«Essential. There are plenty of issues to work through without also knowing that you don’t actually know the person in any but the most superficial manner.Need to know what you can and cannot tolerate in a spouse, and you may, if you cannot articulate to yourself why you think she’s a serious candidate, find yourself having wasted time or, if you’re more eager to marry and ignore what you can’t tolerate in the long run, in a marriage with unpleasant surprises that you should have anticipated.In that respect, age has nothing to do with it.

  3. dating and relationships are really fluid these days i feel. honestly to me they are all titles. just ask a girl to go eat lunch or hang out or talk in groups or together. putting titles on things just builds it up an unnecessary amount and on top of that it puts pressure on both parties to show off and present themselves in the best light. we do that already naturally when meeting new people so just go grab coffee or whatever collin told us to do. unless it is an iv girl then go grab boba, cuz then she wont think it is that coffee thing collin told us about.

  4. If you plan on kissing the girl, shave the stache.
    Girls don’t like kissing boys with staches…boys either.

  5. shave.

  6. I’m gonna go off the Sunday School answer and say that the point of dating is to see if the other person is fit to be your spouse. How you initiate it is truly whatever is comfortable for you – be it knowing them first or not.Taking it from a Christian sisters’ POV, it doesn’t always have to be so formal…

  7. For me, I think you shouldn’t get to know the girl too well before dating, because then you get into “friend” territory, and that’s no good. Mostly.I work on Pier 9, on the Embarcadero in San Francisco. With a view of the Bay Bridge, Coit Tower, Transamerica Building, and the Ferry Building, all from the same location.

  8. Craigslist personals. Makes “how much should I get to know her before I ask her out” a moot question.For shaving, I prefer Gilette Mach 3s with Old Spice foam. If you want to go electric, then a Norelco will do.

  9. but i hear scruffy is in these days =Phahahahaha

  10. @csquared85 – yeah, guess who the reason is ;D mwahahahhahaa

  11. …jason kim…??

  12. Since this is an old post that I finally read, and since you’ll probably be the only person who will notice- at least there’s always A**** =D

  13. @klumsyoaf211 – you’re probably right about the fact that only i will notice this… but that’s messed up foo (if you’re saying what i think you’re saying.)

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