after all these years of feeling excessively full after eating what doesn’t seem like large of amounts of fruit (esp. grapes), i’ve finally realized the culprit. fiber! we’ve been trained by the food industry to consume portions way past what we need and even want because most highly processed foods are stripped of fiber so we can consume the amount of calories the industry needs us to consume to keep it going (of course we are also to blame but you’d be naive to think the food industry doesn’t know the effects of its actions, and indeed purposely went in the direction that it did/does, the nation’s health be damned).

but that’s not really what i wanted to get into. it’s pretty amazing how full you can get off a bowl of grapes or a nectarine when you can eat pretty much a whole plate of steves korean bbq and still have room for dessert (as long as it’s not that filling fruit stuff) afterwards.

maybe i should try to “ruin” my appetite with fruit before meals from now on haha


~ by justinhong on June 25, 2008.

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