i want to make more mistakes (not sin necessarily but just do things i normally wouldn’t because my sheltered upbringing precludes me from doing them). i want to stop avoiding potentially awkward situations. i think i’ve realized that the antidote to being tired isn’t doing nothing, it’s resting. i usually try to keep my weekends clear of things to do because i think filling them with things will tire me out, but i really think doing lots of stuff during weekend days and then sitting down and relaxing/unwinding then sleeping at a healthy hour would probably work much better. i’m itching to go on a road trip and breathe deep in wide open spaces. i want to read fiction. find new best friends (while keeping the old ones of course). take walks with pretty girls again. learn jiu jitsu. clean up my diet and my life, etc.


~ by justinhong on June 16, 2008.

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  1. !!!can we PLEASE go on a road trip? i get back in december. lets do it~and if you want i’ll even take a walk with you ;)hahahahi miss you justin.

  2. “take walks with pretty girls.”
    fixed, you had an extra word in there.
    jk justin i love you, come visit church 😮

  3. sounds like a gooooooood idea!!! 🙂 I’m hoping to do the same this verano

  4. take walks with pretty girls….??? weirdo =P

  5. Just take walks with Kenny Yu.

  6. @KLeung00 – ken, how does that fit into ANY of the things i want to do?

  7. Kenny’s a pretty girl

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