when you think about preservatives and foods that have been processed for long shelf life it’s easy to focus on factors like convenience and… convenience. but another way to think about it is that highly processed “value added” foods are adulterated and contaminated by different chemicals and stripped of nutrients to the point that humans are the only creatures that will eat them. seriously, what’s wrong with us when we marvel and glorify “foods” that even bacteria no longer deem worthy of consumption?

(on another, but slightly related note, i can’t get over the fact that when you burn wood, it’s basically equivalent to the quick release of sunlight that a tree stored up over years and years of just hanging out, so cool!)


~ by justinhong on June 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “”

  1. since when were you a science guy

  2. you’re weird. oh, and i miss you. i miss walking around the almaden neighborhood with you on random sunny days. or maybe we only did that once or twice. hehe.

  3. aw! i want a memory to miss you with!we do too many random things. lets have a “thing” when i get back so when i miss you i can talk about it on your xanga.

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