i’ve just (as in maybe one minute and forty seconds ago) realized that this is how i view the whole issue of relationships and singleness:

i think of each day of singleness as a coin that i put into the piggybank of growth/character. and for some reason i have this idea that once i get into something serious i’ll have to cash out all of my savings and me and my significant other will have to make do with whatever i’ve contributed thus far.

this strikes me as interesting for a couple of reasons:
1) this means that, for a long time now, i’ve subconsciously held the belief that being in a relationship cannot possibly make me a more interesting person than i am when i’m single (in fact, and i don’t know where i get this from, i feel like having a gf would eat up all my time and keep me from learning things/growing in other ways.)
2) it explains why i’m pretty okay with my current situation. namely because while i find it pretty easy to amuse myself, i always get the feeling that i’d have to try much harder to keep someone else liking me the way that i like  myself (because i really like myself); and if i wait a little longer i’ll eventually store up enough interestingness/maturity to last me and my lucky girl forever.
3) the previous two points together show that i must have a fairly low view of girls (sorry!) because they apparently have nothing to offer me and they just need to be amused all the time…

but the thing is, i’m pretty sure these things aren’t true. so i guess all i’m really saying is i need that female knight in shining armor to come and break all my misconceptions and make me realize how i have been fooling myself into thinking i’m content without a lady friend to light up my life.


~ by justinhong on May 22, 2008.

4 Responses to “”

  1. I agree with pretty much everything you just said.

  2. i am glad you figured out that you are wrong about girls….

  3. hahah contrary to what shiny says (who is probably immensely more mature about the whole thing than most of us), but i think you have those misconceptions about women because they have those misconceptions about themselves and project their expectations on you, the man. there are prolly lots of things wrong with what i just said but im in a rush.miss you! bye!

  4. As the first xanga entry I’ve read in a long time, I approve this.Don’t worry, i’m sure Helga can save you 😀

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