the last thing i want to do is discount all the pain and suffering being experienced in places like china and myanmar/burma and india, so with that in mind:

on the way to work today i heard melissa block’s story about a school in china that was destroyed by the recent earthquake, as i heard about children emerging bloody from heaps of debris (the lucky ones), parents rushing to the school to frantically dig for their kids, rescue workers digging with their bare hands, a thought wandered unbidden into my mind:

what about tibet?

when i was reading about the earthquake yesterday on bbc’s news site, there was a link to a video about “why earthquakes happen”. so we know why earthquakes happen, and we also know that the same properties that allow a building to stand and give us shelter from the elements also enable it to hurt us badly when it falls. and though to a certain extent we also know why people oppress, exploit, cheat, steal from, rape and kill one another, which one of these should bug/anger/confuse/disturb us more?

granted, the thought of 125,000+ human beings dying almost instantaneously should (at least) give us pause, we should mourn and pray (for the people and the government), but what about tibet? what about darfur? what about hunger (i read recently that there are at least as many people who are overfed than are hungry in this world…)? genocide, murder, insurmountable poverty…

i think there’s a good way to end this post, but i can’t really figure it out. so that’s all folks!


~ by justinhong on May 15, 2008.

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  1. justin, good thoughts. i don’t think you need a good way to end this entry. i’m gonna chew on that some more.

  2. We think it’s not as bad if sinful people do it as if “God does it”: we’re more likely to be angry when God’s will, not people’s moral choices, seemed to wield the greatest influence.This is where libertarian notions of free will don’t help anyone.


  4. Christina’s post is probably like the most random comment ever

  5. @KLeung00 –  haha it wasn’t in response to the post

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