on the problem of pain

a lot of people argue against the existence of a good and loving God based on the fact that bad things happen to good (and/or innocent) people. the traditional answers to this aside (nobody’s actually good or innocent, where does our sense of injustice come from?, etc…) here’s a thought:

for those who adhere to the argument of pain/injustice, refusing to believe in (and somehow, at the same time, harboring anger towards) God, i honestly believe that it’s his mercy that sustains us. another way to say that is, for those who shake their fists at the LORD and demand justice, rest assured that it’s coming. but as we impatiently await judgment, it behooves us to ponder on which side of the fight between justice and injustice we fall.

what comes to mind is a small (albeit well educated) group of ants, demanding that the cosmic exterminator come and take care of the local pest problem…

p.s. for the record, i don’t think i would fall on the innocent side (my lifestyle and too many of my choices implicate me), but i believe in grace.

also: this site is pretty interesting


~ by justinhong on May 7, 2008.

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