“I don’t believe you’re twins,” she said. “You don’t look alike.”
    “We are too,” said Cal.
    “We are too,” said Aron.
    “Some twins don’t look alike,” Cal insisted.
    “Lots of them don’t,” Aron said. “Lee told us how it is. If the lady has one egg, the twins look alike. If she has two eggs, they don’t.”
    “We’re two eggs,” said Cal.
    Abra smiled with amusement at the myths of these country boys. “Eggs,” she said. “Ho! Eggs.” She didn’t say it loudly or harshly, but Lee’s theory tottered and swayed and then she brought it crashing down. “Which one of you is fried?” she asked. “And which one is poached?”
    The boys exchanged uneasy glances. It was their first experience with the inexorable logic of women, which is overwhelming even, or perhaps especially, when it is wrong. This was new to them, exciting and frightening.

haha girls. (excerpt from east of eden)

i just finished my tax returns! hurray!


~ by justinhong on April 8, 2008.

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  1. haha i don’t remember that part, but this reminds me of my mom =P

  2. oh my goodness, i don’t remember that part either? how could i have missed it? must. read. it. again.

  3. that first ? mark should be an ! mark instead.

  4. muaha

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