a partial cast of my work life (in no particular order):

ag is the shelter’s cook. every time he sees me he bellows out a “HEY MON” (yes, like a jamaican accent), it’s really cool. i recently found out that he had to take anger management classes because he had some problems with a coworker; never would’ve guessed that.
ed is the guy i work/interact with the most. i learn a lot from him. he’s a turkish-minnesotan, a self-proclaimed food asshole and adamant atheist (his fb “religious views” section says: “If you’re religious let’s just agree you’re a fucking retard.”). we spend most of the workday joking around about the office and arrested development, throwing stuff over the wall that joins our cubicles or sending youtube/incanhascheezburger links to each other.
btp is one of the resident assistants. she seriously reminds me of laverne, the receptionist from scrubs.
nt is our accountant. she goes to church in oakland and drives a mazda with a “coexist” bumper sticker on it (the one with all the different religious symbols on it). she’s very upset that the obama pastor fiasco is making him lose in the polls (since she also has a black pastor, nt is white) and this was the first year in 20 years that she didn’t join the good friday protests up at the lawrence livermore labs (she’s going to wait until she’s retired before getting arrested at one of those).
ew is the lesbian-buddhist case manager at one of the transitional housing sites. she’s pretty intimidating.
aa1 is the new client services director at the same transitional housing site. most of his sentences go something like this “that motherf***ing will guy. can you believe i came in today and he was sleeping on the job? that’s some f***ing bullsh*t.” but he’s GREAT at his job, a real ballbuster. if i can one day be as competent and un-lazy as he is, i will consider myself very lucky.
aa2 is a huge black dude that works as housing manager at the same site as ew and aa1. he’s really nice for a guy his size. he’s also into graphic design, and is definitely going to learn a lot from aa1.
wuj is my boss. a 50some year
old black lady, she’s very intelligent, capable (though sometimes
absent-minded, but just because she does so much), and a true example
of sacrificial love. the way she works and gives to the organization
humbles me in so many ways and inspires me to be a better worker.

to be honest, sometimes i grapple with the idea that my job is of little consequence in the larger picture. most anyone can do what i do without anything more than a GED (though i must say, when i put effort into it, i’m pretty awesome at what i do haha). but realizing what a privilege it is to work with all those people i mentioned makes it a lot easier to deal.

i think if i have one goal for my next however many months/years i’m at EOCP (and pastor todd said this should be our goal as christians wherever we go) is to leave it a better place than when i came in. while i’m working here i want everyone’s jobs to be easier. i don’t want to let the fact that it’s a temporary job keep me from building relationships with the people there, and from putting my whole heart into what i do. as administration manager at an alameda county homeless shelter, i’m not really in a position to shake the foundations of the world. i realize that. i might be someday, but who knows, God probably has bigger plans for me than wealth and fame.


~ by justinhong on March 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “presenting…”

  1. that is such a very good goal to keep in mind! way to glorify God =) you have very interesting coworkers. it’s so crazy how they represent like a full spectrum of diversity in age, gender, beliefs, and personality.

  2. Cool. 🙂

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