a rated R conversation with my coworker

(Erdem’s gtalk status was “i’m deleting eliot spitzer’s number from my speed dial”)

5:28 PM me: dude
  eliot spitzer’s name isn’t on your speed dial
  you liar
5:29 PM Erdem: we had some crazy times
 me: unless YOU”RE client 9…
 Erdem: i’m client SIXTY 9
 me: …
  <— not surprised.
  whoops haha
  i forgot gtalk doesn’t repeat your name
5:30 PM Erdem: oh hence the arrow left
 me: yes
  are you still at work?
 Erdem: <——not impressed
 Erdem: no i’m home
 me: you did it correctly
 Erdem: and i did that right
 me: ah ok
  <— did it wrong again

~ by justinhong on March 10, 2008.

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