today during communion a sudden thought came to me:

how great will it feel when someday, during communion, i’ll only have to quickly ask for forgiveness for sins i inadvertently committed (vs. spending a long time contemplating all the things i did willfully and knowingly), and then be free to sing ALL the communion songs with a joyful and unburdened heart?

(answer: pretty darn good!)

and i think, at this particular moment, this is where i am right now:

Day by day His tender mercy,

healing, helping, full and free,

sweet and strong, and ah! so patient,

brought me lower while I whispered,

less of self, and more of Thee,

less of self, and more of Thee.


~ by justinhong on March 10, 2008.

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  1. yes! i think CJ Mahaney says (oh! here) that our confessions should be specific and brief. when our confessions are long and general, we are trying to rationalize our sin away.

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