if cows were meant to be frozen, they’d come from antarctica.

when i die i think what i want people to say about me is “man, that guy was a real person. he carried a lot of weight. things are different without him here.”

and it’s not even that i want people to be sad that i’m gone, but i want my presence on this earth, in people’s lives to mean something. i mean there’s a reason why our bodies can’t pass right through each other, why our words can hurt or heal, right?

if we weren’t meant to impact each others’ lives, why even put us together in the first place?


~ by justinhong on March 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “if cows were meant to be frozen, they’d come from antarctica.”

  1. what does that have to do with your title? was that just a comment hungry trick? hahahi agree though. with everything.

  2. yeah.. and sometimes I shrink away from that sort of thinking–“oh, i can’t think that way because i’d be too prideful.” but i think i’m learning that it’s okay to want to live a life of significance.

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