internalizing externalities

i’m getting more and more convinced that the enemy/the world’s greatest tactics lie in obscuring the costs of our actions. and he/it has gotten really good at it. all it takes for us to sin is a tiny bit of feigned ignorance mixed with small stretches of justification and we don’t really have to feel guilty about anything anymore.

also, getting us to departmentalize our lives, convincing us that who we are and what we do are completely unrelated… good move lucy(fer, that’s my new nickname for the devil now.)

not that this explains all our sin, but maybe a lot of it?


~ by justinhong on February 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “internalizing externalities”

  1. Externalities? You must be an econ major.But yes, agreed.

  2. i like it justin hong, you get smarter n smarter.

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