political stuff(?)

the dems

ok i’m probably just a bit racist but all i can think of when i try to imagine what a song for hillary would look like is like a country or bluegrass music video with lots of flannel and straw hats 😡

the republicans

this is going to show how shallow my political leanings are, but i would vote for mccain (if i was a republican and) just because of this:

(from wikipedia: McCain (front right) with his squadron, in 1965.)

what a man.

alright, that’s it!


~ by justinhong on February 6, 2008.

5 Responses to “political stuff(?)”

  1. isnt that video great?and wow. he’s pretty good looking! but maybe only next to that balding guy. sad day justin.

  2. yes, tim keller is the pastor of redeemer. k bye

  3. dude. mccain was hot like… 43 years ago.haha, and in 45 years, we’re gonna look just as old and wrinkly

  4. There’s a joke…what do you call it when the Clintons move to Hollywood?The Beverly Hillbillys of course! I can’t imagine voting for McCain because he doesn’t believe in free speech among other things.

  5. McCain’s wife is too hot for a woman in her 50’s.

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