it took me a long time to realize this (and i will probably be learning it time and time again) but,

i think it’s okay. it’s okay to be as young as i am. it’s okay to not know everything. it’s alright that i didn’t grow up in the hood, that i had good (and two) parents. it’s cool that i make mistakes. it’s not wrong to be (and act) twenty-two. it’s not the end of the world that i haven’t read everything there is to read. it’s disappointing, but not horrible that i was an econ major and don’t really know how the fed lowering federal funds rate effects the economy (i vaguely do, but not really). it’s okay, it really is!

the problem with not being okay with being young is that there is very little you can do about it. there’s much to be said for being very “carpe diem” towards life, but life still ticks by seconds at a time. i think i need to realize that by the time i am double my age, and have lived twice as much life as i have thus far, i might still have half of it left to live (and then forever after that…) people talk a lot about outliving your money, but what about outliving your life? if you’re an adult when you’re a kid, what happens when you become an adult?

i was reading the first chapter of matthew last night, and i actually read through jesus’ genealogy. it was cool how many names i could actually recognize. i think that it will take some time to know all there is to know about the bible/jesus (eternity?) but right now, i’m thinking that’s ok. it would be a daunting task if i had to know all i needed to know for the rest of my life in my twenties. right?


~ by justinhong on January 23, 2008.

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  1. i agree justin.  i also think it’s okay.  😀

  2. the question i have been asking myself lately is: how do you mature in christ without losing your childlike faith?for example, i don’t ever want to be such a grown-up that when i talk to Dad it’s all big words and heady theology (though those can be useful and juicy as well). i don’t ever want to forget the silly-happy-giggly joy of being a child of God. can we have both at the same time?

  3. i’m learning that too

  4. BTW, an interesting perspective on economics can be found at the Ludwig von Mises web site. If it doesn’t “answer your questions” it may at least question your answers.

  5. emm

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