i went to visit my grandparents today for the first time since i graduated from school :X

it was pretty fun, they treated me to pho for lunch 🙂 but yeah, when i told them what i was gonna do and where i was working (east oakland community project, btw) they made sure that it was a “temporary” job, and were very happy to hear that i plan to go back to school, hahah, oh zhong guo ren.

my grandpa told me a saying in chinese that can be translated as “you ride a cow, to find a horse”, in regards to my job, and my grandma kept saying “oh it’s good that you have a job, but once you find one that pays more you should take that one”. oh if they only knew… ;D


~ by justinhong on December 6, 2007.

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  1. haha. i talked to my mom on the phone for a long time this morning about my career choice. it was very painful….

  2. haha i forgot how much i liked reading ur xanga. keep it going.

  3. haha you just started reading again b/c i started posting the rss feed huh? ;D

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