Jehovah Jireh

How do you know that the Big Guy’s got your back? This is how:

Hi Justin,

Yes, we dress pretty casually here. Our clients are all homeless people, so we don't need to impress them.

Erdem wears t-shirts, sweaters, jeans and sneakers. He wears shorts and sandals in the summer. I wear Teva sandals in the summer, so I'm sure the Rainbow sandals aren't any worse.

The main thing to consider right now is that it gets cold in our office. So you might want to layer, wear socks, etc.



On another note:

I’ve often heard about the fact that you can’t die in your dreams (i.e. If you die in the matrix, you die in real life. “The body cannot live without the mind” – Morpheus, The Matrix). But is this true?

My dream last night begs to differ.

We were standing in an elevator. The child couldn’t have been more than ten years old and he was obviously experiencing a lot of fear. A loud voice began shouting, “THE TOP IS OFF, THE TOP IS OFF”, over the elevator’s intercom system. I didn’t really know what this meant but it couldn’t be a good thing. Suddenly the elevator went into a freefall. The floor numbers plummeting towards “O” wayyy too quickly. I took the boy in my arms as he sobbed and shook violently, all the while thinking “eh, the elevator will probably stop near the bottom, like Drop Zone.” It didn’t.

As we crashed through the ground, I remember thinking “wow we’re still alive?” We’d broken through the ground floor and were sinking deep into water, the image of the building above becoming small. This went on for a couple of seconds and everything went black, or white (I couldn’t tell), and somehow I knew I’d died.

That’s when I woke up. Haha, I don’t know what it means, or if it means anything, but yeah, it actually wasn’t too scary. I didn’t even wake up very relieved that it wasn’t real (that I wasn’t dead.) So you can die in your dreams! Sleep carefully!


~ by justinhong on December 4, 2007.

6 Responses to “Jehovah Jireh”

  1. yay to the first part and haha, weiiiird (and interesting) to the second part

  2. i would not like that at all. i mean like wearing something like a suit and a uniform makes you feel like your part of something. since you are doing something so meaningful, i almost feel like you should have the coolest uniform of them all… like the dresses and the bonnets that Salvation Army women wear…

  3. haha ken?

  4. you didnt die. you were in a coma. you cant die in your dreams.and oh my. you’re NEVER going to graduate from rainbows!and what are yah gunna do with the tie?! 😦

  5. i dunno, probably wear it to one of my 30 or so weekly dates.

  6. wow. trippy dreams =Pi’m still waiting for like… everyone. haha. so far the count is… 2 rejections, 1 waitlist, and one acceptance.

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