i just listened to pastor todd’s sermon on ezekiel 38&39 on current events and end time prophesies in the old testament. it’s all pretty crazy but what if he’s right?

my first thought was ‘wow, why would our generation be chosen to witness such a momentous event in history?’

and my second thought was ‘i wonder which feeling is stronger in me, happiness at the thought of jesus coming back or sadness at the thought of not getting to live my whole “allotted” 80-or-so years on earth?’ i know that heaven’s supposed to be better, but i really do wonder 😛

anyways his sermon was titled “iran so far away…” referencing the following SNL short:


~ by justinhong on November 11, 2007.

4 Responses to “”

  1. ooh yeeah! forsett =P

  2. I don’t want to be raptured a virgin

  3. when did this sermon get put up. I was looking for it. also its sad you were not at regen tonight. you know, with me.

  4. :*(

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