pretty cool! (thanks kerry)

i finished infinite jest! let’s just say “i don’t get it” sums it up pretty well. but here’s a little tidbit to whet your appetite:

    Off down the Weston street a church with an announcement-board in the grass out front – white plastic letters on a slotted black surface – and at least once Mario and I stood watching a goatish man change the letters and thus the announcement. One of the first occasions where I remember reading something involved the announcement-board announcing:
                                L I F E  I S  L I K E  T E N N I S
                                  T H O S E  W H O  S E R V E
                                 B E S T  U S U A L L Y  W I N
with the letters all spaced far out like that.

from Infinite Jest p. 952

edit: oh yeah, my cousin got engaged! 😀


~ by justinhong on November 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “”

  1. hehehe i like that!and have your cousin hire me!!!! :D(but only if they are good looking… jk!!!)

  2. my cousin looks like she could be my sister (i.e. she’s SUPER good looking) and i could ask her if you want!

  3. so coool :O I was recently pointing out Cassiopeia to someone! proudly!

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