God, help us.

p.s. am i the only one who wishes he was going to fall conference?


~ by justinhong on November 1, 2007.

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  1. i wish i were going to fall conference!and yeah, i read an article on that. and could not believe that they were claiming to be God-followers. =(

  2. hahahha “gg ann hamilton” made me laugh so hard.and that article is horrible.and why cant you just go to fall con? just offer to drive in exchange for signing up :Dand the article in the previous post about the daily cal made me cry.

  3. i wish i was going! hey justin let’s take a road trip this weekend

  4. I’m pretty sure that court decision is unconstitutional. But man, does that church piss me off.

  5. dude! if you and will go on a road trip i want to come along!yeah, and why is the church so adamant about their “constitutional rights” when they should be caring about God’s Commandments!?

  6. you know if you just dont want to talk to me on aim you dont have to make up stories. geez.i miss you being around. wanna work at jcrew? we’re hiring 😀

  7. yeah right lana! YOU’RE the one who goes invisible almost immediately so that only people who have been sitting at the computer, staring at their BL for HOURS can catch the sight of your sn for a split second, before you sign off, only to be seen again for yet another split second when who knows how much time has elapsed, since the last time you signed on.and i can’t work at jcrew, none of their stuff fits me (i think we’ve been over this before).and ROAD TRIP!!! how about sunday? we can leave after church, nobody has school or anything right? let’s go to kentucky or something.

  8. this article makes me sad. and to think that there are other invisible churches out there who are doing similar things makes me double sad. but then i can’t help but think about how much i fall short in being a reflection, though in less culturally-noticeable ways..and yeah… you’re right. i don’t wanna say that pictures make people look better. but professional pictures bring out the beauty that’s sometimes unseen (your own mushy words :D) so in that sense, people do look better.

  9. sweet! kentucky sounds great =Pi got 1 call back/1 IM. still waiting on one though…oh and i had accountability today! that helped a lot.

  10. yeah good stuff!

  11. hey justin! i’m really busy! i’m scared about graduating next semester… 😦 how are you?ruth

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