bullet points

– i wish my hair was longer
– i regret not being a classics/philosophy major
– football is the meaning of life (jk. but i think sport, when taken in the correct mindset, is a spiritual experience.)
– to love takes diligence
– my parents are good parents
– i had 3/4s of a full conversation with my grandpa in chinese
– i want to teach math or english to young people in oakland (how young, i don’t know yet)
– it’s great find joy in others’ joy. just a bit hard to get there (sometimes).
– i feel heavy
– i’m just writing whatever now to make this list look more impressive


~ by justinhong on February 19, 2007.

13 Responses to “bullet points”

  1. Sorry for being weird and esoteric. I can tell you what its about later.

  2. yeaaaahhh teachers! we’re going to open our own school. greg will be our principal. hahah

  3. -Penis!

  4. okay bonus points to henry for his comment. that was just funny following your last point justin.

  5. i liked your fifth and eighth bullet the most. : )

  6. hehe its #1. #3 – the left is my friend judy wang, the right is me. can you tell? 🙂 people have been mistaking us since we were in elem school. and THEY STILL ARE!!! x) 😀 sosrry we didnt hang out over break!!!!!!!!! lets hang out over spring break~!!!!!! YEAH????

  7. for some reason, your list makes me happy

  8. Sorry, those are dashes, not bullet points.Still interesting though.

  9. in the mcat verbal princenton practice book there’s a whole essay on how sports are a spiritual experience … oh and yah i agree with shuli. i can’t wait to celebrate with you when you get TFA!

  10. i’m glad you’ll at least be up here for a year

  11. you look heavy!

  12. hahaha yeah the wording is a li ttle confusing for that last one. you’d be proud of me justin.. im starting to work out a little!! doing my inny winny 8 lb barbells after work… x)

  13. PS. long hair is the way to go!!! a little length adds a lot of character, for guys. 🙂 grow it! (just a little)!

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