Isaiah 55:1-2

    It had been at least four days since he’d last eaten. His hunger had advanced to a state that was between starvation and indifference, it had given up rumbling for sustenance at about three o’clock the previous afternoon. For the third time that day he walked past a deli he had been scoping out since his money ran out on Tuesday. The smell emanating from the little shop was indescribable. The homemade bread baked throughout the day from opening to closing at nine o’clock, the soup du jour simmered in its aluminum pot, and even the cold cuts added to the savory atmosphere of “Joshua’s Delicatessen, est. 1967”. Best of all, it was the only market within at least a mile that didn’t have a surveillance camera. A sign came from heaven in the form of a pathetic yelp from deep within the reaches of his stomach cavity giving him the go-ahead, today was the day.

    I couldn’t keep my knees from shaking as I entered the store. As I opened the door a bell rang out a friendly greeting and the man behind the counter looked up from his book to give me a smile. I walked along the aisles letting the various aromas wash over me, the pain in my stomach that had been dormant for almost a day awakened with full force, adding to the unsteadiness in my joints. I spent some more time meandering throughout the deli, and just when I felt that the pain was getting too much to handle I heard the bell ring and someone entered the store. The owner seemed to know the person, they exchanged greetings and began to talk.
     This was my chance.
     As nonchalantly as I could manage in my weakened state, I walked over to the bread section and quickly picked up what I thought was the most easily concealable loaf of ciabatta bread and hid it in my jacket. I looked around to see if either the other customer or the owner had seen me. They hadn’t. With my heart racing, trying not to look suspicious, I made my way to towards the door, stopping occasionally to look as if I was interested in something. I was now only a few feet away from safety and satiety. Just two more steps and I’d be out, free. I reached for the door, I even felt it open a little:
    “Michael.” I froze. How did he know my name? And for that matter, how did he know my real name? Nobody had called me Michael for years and I swear I’d never met this guy before.
The owner had put his conversation with his friend on hold, he continued,
    “Michael, you should try the Camembert, we just got in a new shipment today, straight from France.”
    I sputtered, “Wh-What?”
    “The Camembert, it goes great with ciabatta, well I guess it goes pretty well with most other bread too, but personally I like it with ciabatta.” His eyes smiled at me, I was tempted to just make a run for it, but something kept me back.
    “Go ahead, get a block, it’s on the house.”
    I didn’t know what to do, hesitantly I made my way back over to the cheese, half kicking myself for retracing steps I had worked so hard to walk and half incredulous at the turn of events. I picked up a good sized block and looked up at Joshua, he was still smiling. I turned around and headed towards the door,
    “Thanks,” I said.
    “No problem, you look like you need it. I just hope you have some bread to eat it with.” I never knew what people meant when they said a person’s eyes twinkled, but I thought I did now. I had reached the door, as I lifted my hand to push it open I looked back one last time, Joshua had resumed his conversation with the other customer but for a moment he returned my glance his eyes still smiling.
    I looked away and as I opened the door hugging bread, cheese and a tumult of emotions, I heard the cheerful goodbye of the bell ushering me out into the cold night.



~ by justinhong on November 13, 2006.

7 Responses to “Isaiah 55:1-2”

  1. Thanks for this man

  2. where’s that from?

  3. wowbtw, did you write this?

  4. dui

  5. wow. are your writting some sort of novel? it seems really otherworldly

  6. mm camembert does go well with ciabatta

  7. dang man. this is good.

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