Some might say that his mistake was in answering his phone, but the truth was that he was doomed long before that, when he chose to set it to ‘vibrate’ instead of turning it off in the first place.
    He had been sitting in silence for what seemed an eternity, though in fact it had only been fifteen minutes, when he realized the “silence” was not very silent at all. In attempting to clear his mind he had failed to notice the myriad ‘nighttime’ noises that combined to create the background of the night. In a flash of revelation he decided that instead of focusing on quieting the incessant thoughts in his head, he might try to set his mind on what was around him; just in case what he was looking for was not in fact within himself but might act on him from his surroundings.
    As if on cue, nature seemed to ready itself for the impending arrival. Nearby, a tree allowed a curiously strong gust of wind to ruffle it’s plumage, it straightened it’s branches in anticipation of the special event. He swore he could hear waves crashing on the shore several miles away and even the crickets seemed to sing louder adding to the night’s crescendo.
    In response to what seemed to be too many coincidences to be coincidental, his heart began to race, his breathing quickened. The moment he had been waiting for was upon him and all he needed to do, all he could do, was wait.
    His cell phone began to vibrate. He took it out of his pocket and hesitated (what timing!), but he did not hesitate for long. After verifying that it was not the emergency that would have justified the interruption he turned his attention back to the event at hand.
    It was over. Even as he hung up the phone he knew it was over. The night had changed, the same noises that had been full of deep meaning, teeming with secrets about to be uncovered, had returned to normal. The trees did not laugh with joy, nor did they seem like the ever would or could, the waves crashed for no one, the crickets’ song was only vibration in the air.
    It was over. Nature had for a second opened the door and beckoned him in and beyond; for a moment he had glimpsed full and complete belonging; but for now, it was over.


~ by justinhong on November 9, 2006.

8 Responses to “”

  1. Good….

  2. wow, this is depressingand somewhat funnygood writing though

  3. what is it?

  4. i feel ya bro. it’s so hard sometimes, esp now that we’re back in school.

  5. oh no! i hope that wasn’t me. shalom bro. reminds me of morning devos at fallcon and all i heard were the birds singing, the trees rustling, and one of my small group girls singing. so beautiful. the rocks do cry out in praise when we’re silent.

  6. what is that orange quote from?

  7. what?!?!? hahahha. did i miss something? =)

  8. i like this color scheme better than the green/pink one

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