i hear them say “heaven? well heaven is like:
it’s like a royal treasure room with crowns and gold
it’s like summer retreat worship, times one hundred
it’s like a great feast, with all the best cake (and meats!)
it’s like a sunday school of smiling faces, green hills,
stained glass, open mouths, even some tears and laughter”

i hear them say those things and i think, “uh, actually
give me scantily clad women on my tv
give me illegal stolen downloaded mp3s
give me cars and shoes and money more than i need
give me gluttony, sloth, more money and greed,
honestly just give me something i want (for once).”

and obviously, the bible says it, so those metaphors,
those images MUST be true, but God o God,
i know you, i love you, so why can’t i accept this
shiny, waspy, perfect, dull, pleasant, happy image of heaven?

and there’s no voice in my head, no clear guiding dream
no fearless protector to crash this dreary scene,
but it’s a quiet sweet assurance, a picture etched in my head
and it says,
“for you heaven is:
almaden blanketed in twilight, a soft glow in the horizon
a friend nearby and crickets chirping and nothing
nothing to do, it’s memories long past dulled by time
but shining in your mind because, ‘since then, nothing’s
been the same’, it’s long conversation that touched your soul
and it’s long walks headed nowhere and driving windows
down and radio silent, itsitsits…
none of these things at all, it’s more and more and more and more
than you could ever imagine!”

i hear them say, “heaven? well heaven is everything you have
ever (really) wanted, and nothing you’d ever expect”
and all i can say is “okay”.
(but really though, i can’t wait.)


~ by justinhong on May 12, 2006.

6 Responses to “”

  1. sigh.. =)

  2. dude snap snap for that one =) i didn’t know you wrote poetry.it’s beautiful.

  3. beautiful.

  4. *snap*snap*

  5. oh OH OH laksjdflk;jasdf justinyou made me want to be with God…anddd alone and love and peace and blanketed twiilighaksljdfl okay whenaklsdjfl i am moved i don’t have words!!!!!!!!!!!!!i hope to read the book soon! my to-read book list is like 10 long.

  6. oooOooh. let’s go talk on the roof! haha

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