there seems to be an epidemic of unhappiness going around… for all y’all feeling blue just look to the sky and you’ll realize that you’re never gonna be as blue as the sky (trust me, i’ve tried) and that all your feeling blueness is actually just making you look like a ‘poser’ who for some reason wants to look like the sky. so yeah, i forgot what my original point was so i’ll end with: don’t worry be happy.

jk, (not about the don’t worry by happy part but about the ending with part) i mowed to lawn today. it’s been awhile. the smell of freshly cut grass and the feeling of being outside at twilight brings back so many memories. memories of a little justing that few of you knew. of days when bach would stay at my house (uninvited of course hehe) until his dad came home from work and would play basketball or watch me as i cut the grass. i knew hardly any of you back then and probably talked to even fewer. haha how things change. but yeah enough of that. time to look to the future! in the wise words of that alien guy from the simpsons:
“we must move forward, not backward
upward not downward
and always spinning, spinning, spinning!” 😀

and last but not least-
MANica’s thoughts on penish:

m o n    bon  7: but i dont even wanan THINK About that..
m o n    bon  7: THING..
m o n    bon  7: much les…sSEE It..
m o n    bon  7: COOOKED!
m o n    bon  7: *shudders*



~ by justinhong on March 18, 2003.

5 Responses to “”

  1. Oms… i saw that cooked picture… OMS.. victor is gonna get a good beating… my eyes have been burned for life. 😦
    i like that spinning quote, it’s quite enjoyable!
    SEE YA!

  2. blEh the sky isnt blue today… so i guess i wont be blue either
    im feelin slightly better although i dont feel like doing ANYTHING
    thanks for being my bud youuuuuuu’re greeeeeeat!

  3. piglet!!! we must go see piglet’s big movie!!! for you 😀 and yay for having my picture of you in your profile pic! that was a tres nice picture of you.
    get a new backpack before it explodes again and we all have to duck and cover from the flying debris of tattered ASB folders and what not! 😀
    piglet is neat.

  4. looking forward is teh way to go…!

  5. i cant see the sky cuz the window is closed. i’ll assume it’s not blue though. haha. havent talked to you in awhile. canned peaches are yummy but unhealthy… like everything else i eat. dont die. have a nice day.

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