HAPPY BIRFDAY KERRIO! my most favoritest skinny little (hehe) asian boy who runs and has sns that include death, gap, aznbreaker and his area code! 😀 i lup you.
sorry i couldn’t make it yo! but i’ll make it up to you (in hot steamy buttlovin of course).

this weekend i went to state quals for speech and debate and got FIRST PLACE in HI! 😀 hahaha jk. i’ve visited 3 years in a row (ironic how the only year i didn’t go was the year i actually did speech huh? hehe) but yeah, seeing all my friends there having fun and being successful (and raping little freshies in the bathroom) makes me kinda wish i wasn’t the lazy-piece-of-poo i am and that i was still in SandD. sigh. the things we let pass us by. but on a lighter note, apparently the lowerclassmen ACTUALLY think that the senior (and i guess some junior) speechers were making a GAY PORNO at the cal tourney. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA amasching.

emi  O    boY: m i t s u 40176: haha
emi  O    boY: hah
emi  O    boY: ahaa
emi  O    boY: haha
m i t s u 40176: huh?
emi  O    boY: i dunno

emerald must be the weirdest girl i know (next to MANica of course, but then again, she’s a man.)

the end.


~ by justinhong on March 10, 2003.

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  1. m i t s u 40176: haha yesemi  O    boY: IM NOT WEIRDemi  O    boY: geezemi  O    boY: i juss said that in my xaaaaanga

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