i was driving home from the gym today when scc’s “see the glory” came on the radio. now i have a tendency to not actually listen to the lyrics of many (many) songs and thus fail to fashion a true appreciation for them. before when i heard “seetheglory” i’d be like “uhh… gameboy? candy? i dun understand, but then something (most likely something shiny) would distract me and i’d neglect to actually listen to the surrounding words of the chorus. but yeah, today i actually listened and this is what they said:

What is this thing I see
Going on inside of me
When it comes to the Grace of God
Sometimes it’s like

I’m playing GameBoy standing in the middle of the Grand Canyon
I’m eating candy sitting at a gourmet feast
I’m wading in a puddle when I could be swimming in the ocean

Tell me what’s the deal with me
Wake up and see the Glory

Every star in the sky tells His story
And every breeze is singing His song
All of creation is imploring (hey)
Come see this grand phenomenon

The wonder of His Grace
Should take my breath away
I miss so many things
When I’m content with

and then the chorus again.
hehe at first it’s like “why would you be playing gameboy in the grand canyon” (emphasis on playing gameboy) but then it hit me “OOHHHH, he’s not talking about playing gameboy, but about being in the grand canyon (and not noticing the beauty and grandeur etc..)” ooh. i just figured out that if you press “shift” and then “enter” it won’t skip a line. but yeah anyways. so i slapped myself in the face and kept listening. turns out people (at least christian artists) have a POINT when they write songs! hahaha. so yeah, from now on i hope to listen more closely to song lyrics. 😀

moving on. hootie and his fishy friends were on jay leno last night along with… you guessed it… a physics person! hahaha dude! all the demos he showed we’ve seen in woytek (i.e. the one where you spin a chain real fast and when you let it go it rolls b/c all the links are trying to go in a staright line so it keeps it shape). i was like whoa! and i got another whoa when hootie came on and the leader (apparenlty his name is darius) was black! hehe he’s so good. i lup him. jk, but he’s cool. so now i’m DLing some of their songs. and kerry’s done talking to his big fat greek gf so now i’m gonna go kill me some orcs (or elves or humans or undead.. which are dead already) bye!


~ by justinhong on March 5, 2003.

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  1. PHYSICS study group today?  😀  after fs meetin perhaps? =P i neeeeeda start!  uh uh
    uh gotta go to school…

  2. so how are u doing? im doing fine. i like to swim… I can see that “juSTIN” you like to go and work out! HOW interesting!!! Which gym do you go to? And “JUStin” how long do you work out for?
    (Dude you never listen to me, whenever i call for your name… sigh?!)

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