i skipped school today :DDD yeah, you know it! the boy who hasn’t missed school for years and years FINALLY lost his missing-school-on-purpose-virginity. that’s right folks, i’m a real man now

haha jk, i’m not actually a man. ;D

today was extremely nice, even though now i STILL have hw b/c i was completely useless for the majority of the day. but yeah i ate out TWICE today 😛 (posh then togos) and napped and was happy =) but i think the BESTESTESTEST part was when i randomly came online and was IMed by… no other than DAPHNE DANG. haha i haven’t talked to you in so long! but yeah, it was nice to be updated on the happenings in my little cochon’s life at cal.

but yeah, back to not doing math… 😛


~ by justinhong on February 25, 2003.

2 Responses to “”

  1. hahahahaa…. tsk tsk tsk…. i saw you driving away from school today… shame on you !!!!
    BAD BOY… i mean BAD MAN!

  2. course justinA *high pitched SQUEAK*! you’re not a man! MUHAHAHAHAA! >:D DOOD I had Togos yesterday TOO! =9 yummeEEs! GAbbY

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