I DUSTED MY ROOM TODAY… mark your calendars everybody, they’re bound to make this a national holiday (haha don’t worry, technically Valentine’s day was yesterday). so when i got home from greg’s house i dusted downstairs, vacuumed the living room, and cleaned my room *beam*. don’t get me wrong, i didn’t do any of this cuz i’m a good kid, but because greg guilt tripped me into doing it at youth group 😡 haha oh well, at least i did it right?

it is my belief (from past and recent experiences) that when something enjoyable or not-crappy is put to a set routine, it begins to suck. For instance, guitar was great until i my parents started nagging me to practice everyday. i think it’s just the choice of doing or not doing something that makes it appealing. i doubt i’d mind chores (or homework for that matter) if my parents didn’t wake me up every saturday/sunday morning and tell me to do them. haha if i’m right it’s gonna suck when i have to get a job (and scary when i get married!)

which brings me to my next point. at bible study the other day jinny told us that she had a conversation with a girl at church (don’t worry, your identity is safe, she didn’t tell us who) about marriage. they discussed the significance of marriage because the girl couldn’t see why getting married itself was so important. and jinny went on to give her views and whatnot on the subject. but yeah, i think the part that stayed the most to me was her belief that marriage means nothing apart from God (if you’re non-christian and are reading this don’t take offense, just an opinion). The act Marriage itself means nothing. i mean people get married all the time in vegas, and all they need to do is sign a piece of paper and have a witness there to see them put the rings on each others’ fingers. But the important part, the “meat” of the wedding if you will, is the vow. The vows are promises made between the bride and groom in the eyes of God. i mean who else can make you want to be together, to accept the person as they are, not as you believed them to be, to stick together with them through thick and thin and still come out the other end loving them as much as the day you pledged yourselved to one another, except God? Your pastor? no. your friends? no. your parents? haha no. i guess that’s why it’s so easy for people to get divorced nowadays. jinny also spoke on cohabitation. the bible says that in heaven (i think this is what it says) you won’t have a family (well other than your heavenly family, which is pretty much everyone there) nor will you have a spouse. so, why do you have to marry someone that you know you’re gonna be with forever anyways? does it really matter? well i think it does. cuz not getting married is like leaving the door to the bathroom open. i mean, you’re pretty sure you wanna go, but then again you’re pretty hungry too. so just in casehalfway through #2 you feel like a sandwich you can go unobstructed to the kitchen like that *snaps fingers*. but then again where is that gonna get you? you KNOW your parents are gonna complain and yell at you. it’ll smell. and on top of that you’re getting poo all over the place. not a pretty picture.

fulfillment. if you ever hear anyone in a relationship say that their bf/gf/husband/wife doesn’t “fulfull” them, take no time in whipping out your hand and slapping them straight across the face. haha jk, i didn’t tell you to do it (but do it anyways). well you’re probably saying “what’s wrong with wanting a fulfilling relationship? after all isn’t that the reason WHY ppl get married?” good question. to answer this, let’s look to *drumroll*… THE BIBLE. The bible (along with brad henning) defines “love” as choosing the highest good for the other person. which implies what? GIVING/SACRIFICE/SELFLESSNESS/cow*moo* jk, just checking if you’re still awake. GIVEGIVEGIVE! “wait, but you’re supposed to EXPECT/GET fulfillment from someone aren’t you?” why yes. therein is where the problem lies. : sorry to break it to you buddy, but your marriage probably isn’t gonna fulfill you forever. so suck it up and be a man (or woman, whatever floats your boat). and don’t worry, you probably (if you’re reading this) only have another 50 or so years to live anyways (and that’s if you’re lucky and that axe murderer waiting outside your window DOESN’T figure out that he’s at the wrong house). haha sorry if i depressed/bore you. it’s what i do.

p.s. see? you do learn things at bible study. so GO! (yes, i mean you)


~ by justinhong on February 15, 2003.

4 Responses to “”

  1. props.
    have tons of fun on your trip ok? bring back pictures, souvenirs, your dirty laundry, and simon/kerky (Bach you can leave behind… =X)!

  2. i leave the door opened whenever i go to the bathroom….
    j/k bye!

  3. hey, i was looking through people’s xangas and i found yours.  i love how you actually post your feelings and thoughts about things.  it seems that nowadays everyone has forgotten to think and just says any crude thing that’s in their mind.  anyways, i thought i’d drop by and say “hi!”  until the next asb meeting…
    love, shan liu

  4. oops…forgot to give you eprops! silly me…
    love, shan 

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