i really really really like everwood. i watched the last 20 or so minutes of it today after my asb conference call and it makes me so happy 😀 hehe i dunno why i like it so much. i think it appeals to the mushy/sentimental little boy that lives inside of me… and is slowly eating his way out. it’s the part of me that longs for something real to be sad over and then recover in a way that allows me to grow as i’ve never grown before, and find my soul mate in the process. haha it’s muchmuchmuch better than smallville, but kristin kreuk isn’t in it. ok time to go, gnight y’all.


~ by justinhong on February 11, 2003.

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  1. heLLO!  thanks for cominG to my foODFEST!  i had fuN   did yOU?  well i’m just dropping by to say that I LOVE EVERWOOD TOO!!!!
    i used to watch it on mondays but then they started playing joe millionaire and i know they play joe millionaire on thursdays too but thursdays is friends night so i have to watch joe on monday, making it hard to watch everwood on monday, so i watch the easy view of everwood on sunday!!!  do you get that?  anyways, everwooD is like a high schoOL that is more relate-ABLE cuz the geeks and popular people aren’t totally separated and sucH  blah blah blah  but it’s good!  and i never really liked smallville but you can’t skip ALIAS!!!  YOU MUST WATCH ALIAS EVERY SUNDAY AT 9PM (except this sunday because they’re playing the music man =P)
    tOODLES and ALIAS!

  2. sorry you couldnt come DOWNTOWN dun dun dun with us =P i still owe you the brownies in exhange for the frap.  dudde i turned on the computer ovvver and hour ago to do my essay. its 10 53 now… that sucks o wells. makes me feel better that you havent really done it either! hehe sorry i dwell on other’s misfortunes … jk.. heh later alligator

  3. is everwood really better than smallville…. thats hard to believe. 😀
    hahaha.. smallville is the only show i watch…
    ahhh… last night i thought it was monday, and i missed smallville…. sigh… oh wells…
    gogogo supermitsuboy

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