i like the way rupert preaches.

i’m thinking this week is gonna be the longest week of my liiiiiiiiiife (probably not, but maybe). my mom managed to ruin both my saturday and sunday mornings this weekend. on saturday i was awakened by “JUSTIN!!!!! YOU HAVE TO WASH THE CAR!!!!” and i was like “OK! I WILL!” then heard “NO! NOW! WE NEED IT SOON!”… so i got up and she wanted me to wash my car too so i did that first then i washed her car (they ended up using the other one anyways). oh well. then today i woke up already dreading what was to come (the buttload of hw that i put off as usual) and stepped into the shower, only to find out (actually remember) that there’s no shampoo left. so i went downstairs to get some and asked my mom if there was any left and she blows up at me for asking at the last minute when tehre’s no shampoo left. then after my shower i got yelled at again for not bringing the towels on the stairs up, then again after that for having a messy room and bathroom. so after cleaning up my bathroom (my room’s still messy) i went downstairs to dust but took a detour to turn on the computer. then she yelled at my YET AGAIN for not dusting and when i explained to her that i was simply turning on the computer and was about to dust she was like “why do you always have to wait until someone tells you to.. blahblahblah?!” sigh. lucky i went to that bible study on friday (good timing peter and greg)… but i dunno if it did me any good. there was still plenty of under-my-breath swearing going on…

haha well if that didn’t bore you enough. i rant on (or maybe not).

i heard “flavor of the week” today at starbucks. i think it’s by SR71 (according to bok). haha it’s sad cuz i had the feeling that i should be nostalgic, but i couldn’t cuz my memory’s so bad now. i think i’ll go DL it.

hehe so yeah, physics study group was pretty useless (once again), but fun! haha thanks for letting us come over and eat all your food jenn! i’m so gonna fail tomorrow. 😛

oh well… soon. SOON! SOON I WILL BE DONE WITH THIS, GONE FROM HERE, and this place will only be a memory lost in the depths of my forgetfulness. [sometimes i wonder how many of these little messages are hidden, throughout the earth, for one like you to, by some power greater than ourselves, come upon. i wonder if you even know they’re here, waiting for you, waiting to be found and answered, just waiting.]


~ by justinhong on February 10, 2003.

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