it’s a sad sad day when your mom doesn’t recognize a picture of you (my profile one to the right) and then doesn’t believe it’s you when you tell her. and then on top of that, when you prove it to her that it’s you, the only thing she can say is “oh my god! poor poor you…” hehehehe. but then again i WAS fat. *shrug* c’est la vie (jk, i don’t know french.)


~ by justinhong on February 6, 2003.

2 Responses to “”

  1. hehehe…thanks for sitting next to me at jane’s party (if you don’t remember it was during the beginning of the party and we were on the sofa!) hehehe thank you… i feel so accepted by your generosity…

  2. i just realized your xanga is mitsuBOY are you tryin to tell me something…. girl??

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