hey all

today was and up and downy day. haha i woke up early enough for breakfast! which was awesome. but i just had rice with soup. but yeah it’s amazing how much better you feel when you can actually take your time getting to school. but i still got to school at like 6:15! *beam* yeah so i was in a pretty happy mood until 2nd period… 😛 french has just been getting me down lately. i dunno but yeah i’ll live =) koyonagi’s little quote thingies are pretty annoying too, but french still takes the cake. yeah so i talked to setterlund (sp? i know i should know that…) today and he got me out of 6th period! =D so after wrestling i don’t have a 6th period anymore… wheeeee!

haha this stupid kings of chaos game is such a waste of time, yet it’s so addicting!!! SAM IS GOING DOWN!

first fashion show practice today, relatively useless, but i think it’s gonna be fun 🙂

i can’t believe we forgot to invite omar!!! i feel so friggin bad 😦 SORRY OMAR!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!! we’d never leave you out on purpose. and i know that lately we’ve been neglecting to tell you when we do stuff but yeah, you always seem busy (i know that’s not a good excuse, but it’s the best i’ve got). sorrysorrysorry. i should get to sleeping so that i can have breakfast again tomorrow 🙂

yay bible study tomorrow!

“every moment that passes when you’re not around seems like a waste of precious time. as if time itself has, and is, leaving this place as i speak. when the well of time runs dry i don’t know what will be left. all i know is i hope you’re there, waiting at the bottom.”


~ by justinhong on February 5, 2003.

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  1. propz man i dig it
    fashion show wee!
    id be nice if omar and faris could stay wif usyou come to tung kee or any other noodal hosue next time oka?! not that there was a first time. so ANY Time we have TIME and money and hunger, we noodle ok?

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