on the way up to heavenly the other day we passed by uc davis. haha no offense you davis ppl but when we passed by i totally thought it was a factory (until i saw the water tower thingy that said “UC DAVIS” on it). hehehehe, that is officially the second UC campus i’ve seen.

heavenly is such a nice ski resort… if you’ve never been, i encourage you to go (seriously). at the end of the day we took the “gunbarrel” lift back down to the main lodge (they let you use the lift to get back down cuz the only other way is a double diamond) and it was really cool cuz like the WHOLE area is out in front of you (unobtructed by any mountains or anything). the view was awesome, you could see the whole area, lake, and forrested woods and all. amasching! it’s times like those that make me wanna (when i get married) to take my family out to somewhere in the midwest and buy a zillion acre piece of land,which of course i bought with the money i made playing the stock market and selling my company (all before i turned 28), and just live out my life riding horses or herding cattle (haha something you see them do in those old western movies).

one time we went camping at whiskeytown lake, all my family friends ditched me on the canoe and paddled off somewhere. i was left alone on the shore so i swam out to the middle (of our part of the lake, whiskeytown is HUGE) and just floated around for awhile and looked up at the sky and, haha this is gonna sound stupid, realized how big it was. and how beautiful and intricate nature is in general. i”m sure all those atheists and scientists out there can prove how everything works out mathematically and etc… but i seriously give glory to God for his awesome creation *thumbs up*.

and what’s up with those “dark forces” scientists can’t explain? God? you know it. 😉


~ by justinhong on January 6, 2003.

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