I WENT TO A FULL WRESTLING PRACTICE TODAYYY!!!! =D i didn’t leave school until 4:25 *beam* i’m seriously so proud of myself. like after we ran hill sprints i was having a major internal battle about whether or not to finish off practice. then val came into the locker room and was like “are you going to practice?” (cuz i never do after the run) and i reflexively said yes even though i was planning not to. haha so i was like “great, now you’ve just made yourself a liar… YOU LIAR! GO TO PRACTICE” so i did. i feel so good right now (no, not cuz i got to rub bodies with my fellow wrestlers… although that’s never a bad thing πŸ˜‰ hehe jk!) because after that oreo shake and curly fries last night i’ve felt sooooooooooooo FAT and out of shape. i totally needed to get a workout like that today, and i’m glad i did.

so for most of 6th period today we were in the sportsfolio room getting lectured by lloyd about how now that we’re out of the championship race for league dual meets don’t really matter anymore so “if you’re not gonna represent leland in a good way, you’re not gonna wrestle”. he went on a little shpiel (haha dangit i was close, it’s actualy just ‘spiel’) about how he comes from a lineage of great wrestlers (and he did, his high school wrestling coach was an olympian in the 60s) and not to mention football coaches too (i think one of his coaches coaches or seomthing won 6 national titles for high school football, and lloyd himself played for the NY Giants back in the day). haha this made us all really uncomfy, considering none of us has actually placed at a varsity tournament this year… (and i don’t even wanna get started on myself). so yeah back to representation. he said that if you’re one of the ‘bad guys’ who doesn’t come to practice you’re flat out just not gonna wrestle at the dual meet that week. i think it’s a good system cuz people always end up getting screwed over cuz of wrestlers like amir mahboobi who comes in for practice like once a week and beats whoever’s in his weight class (i guess cuz he has a lot of natural talent or something) and then gets to wrestle over the guy who’s been busting his behind all week. trust me, it sucks. so yeah, now varsity every day (regardless of whether there’s a match or not) is gonna do hill sprints during sixth period, and if there isn’t a match we’re gonna return to school and finish off wrestling practice with jv (hopefully ending by 4:30). *shudder* haha i’m scared.

but yeah i’m gonna finish this off (then shower and go do hw, then hopefully turn in early tonight!) with a new year’s resolution (that will only be in practice for at most 6 weeks):

i’m going to make a conscious effort to go to wrestling practice EVERY DAY until my season’s over and i’m going to LIKE it!!! (haha God help me… seriously).

if all goes as planned i won’t be online tonight πŸ™‚ so i’ll talk to y’all tomorrow


~ by justinhong on January 6, 2003.

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