well i’ve tried to do AP problems and failed. so now to xanga =)

i slept for 3 hours last night! and i think another 3-5 in the car 😉

snowboarding (which is what i ended up doing today) turned out to be really fun! haha it ranks up there with my first time skiing (which is a good thing). we went with this family that my parents met at a reunion thingy (they just had mutual friends, they didn’t know each other) and they invited us to go skiing with them and stay at a cabin they have (but we ended up going this morning cuz i wanted to go to church). yepyep, they had a 16 yr old daughter named jessica and a 9 yr old son named kyle and a baby who wasn’t there (i dont’ remember her name). and yeah, i found out that I CAN SNOWBOARD! haha i took it up a few years ago and go alright, but then i took a couple years off and just skied (cuz i’m better at skiing). but then today i wanted to snowboard (truthfully cuz i didn’t wanna hang out with my parents/anyone) and they forced me to go with them and i realized that i still know how to snowboard (and have somehow gotten better than i used to be… must be the stero… *cough* running i’ve been doing for wrestling). but yeah i was pleasantly entertained throughout the day. my legs are mad at me now… and will punish me by making themselves EXTREMELY sore tomorrow… aiya.

i’m gonna look for lyrics to put up here =) just for fun:

tree63 – no words (i’m just typing them as i listen cuz i can’t seem to find them online…)

is there nothing new underneath the sun/some unfound way to tell of all you’ve done/i sit around and round in circles/ all that i find is one thing true/i’m trying to resist saying things you’ve heard/i’m trying to invent a new way with words/all that i find in my frustration/is that it does not change the way i feel cuz

<chorus>there are no words that i could say/ there is no music i could play/ there is no song that i could sing/ to tell of all the love you bring

all my sleepless nights just a waste of time/ will my words mean anything if i could make them rhyme/ you’re waiting for me to break the silence/ you’re listening even though you already know that


etc… =) i likey that song… GET IT!


~ by justinhong on January 5, 2003.

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