haha i’m beginning to wonder if anyone reads this thing. but then again it’s not really written for you, but for me (haha who am i kidding?! gimme some sort of proof that you guys are there!!!!) but yeah, even if i’m alone here it’s still fun to write =)

i’m getting dsl, haha and we stopped begging for it like years ago… funny how things work out in the end. and while we’re on that subject (the one about things working out in the end), today on the way into safeway i gave a dollar to the guy who sits in front of the store and collects donations for the domestic abuse program that houses abused wives (i feel kinda bad b/c even though i didn’t give him money to make him stop talking i think it might have seemed like i did because i gave him the money like halfway through his speech and so he stopped talking :P) but yeah. so i went in and bought chips and salsa for the asb rally workshop he held today and the total came out to $6.67… haha unfortunately i only had $6.60 (i woulda had $7.60 but, you already know why i didn’t). so yeah i’m sitting there looking for more money, and wondering what i should cancel (haha but i’d have to return a bag of chips cuz the salsa was buy on get on free), when the guy behind me goes “how much do you need?” and, being the cool person he was, gave me the 7cents i was missing. so let this be a lesson to you! do something good, haha i’m sure something good will end up happening to you… OR you could end up getting hit by a car and dying. in which case it won’t matter anyways 🙂

haha i’m so excited, i haven’t been to a friday night for two weeks (according to greg, but it feels more like 2 months!). going skiing tomorrow, i dunno how i’m gonna finish my hw on sunday 😛 oh well.


~ by justinhong on January 3, 2003.

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