it’s funny how i don’t consider my break “wasted” as in, i’ve gotten to hang out a lot with my friends and whatnot. but “hanging out” is such a waste of time… e.g. yesterday after we made crepes (yummy, yummy, crepes with ice cream and whipped cream and peaches) me bok omar and simon played a 99 stock game of smash brothers… it took 2.5 hours. heheheheheheh we were so wasted after and we couldn’t think straight. then me and bok went to jack in the box (for real) at like 3am hahaha, good stuff.


~ by justinhong on December 30, 2002.

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  1. hahahah
    99 lives … you guys are sad!! although i wish i coulda/prolly woulda preferred to have been there…cuz i think i also stayed up that night after i went home…and i watched tv!!!!! ^_^ WoOowoOWOo the other nite(2 nites ago) i watched 5 straight ours of LOve hina anime junk…then i woke up and watched more!!!!!!! AAAAAAHAHA! dang my break is flyin by and i’ve done nothing!
    t2yl justin we go get some starbucks sumtimes k? (:::: 8D emi o boy!

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