i’ve wanted to update for awhile now but i haven’t had time/was too lazy hehe. and now i only have like 7 minutes until church so i must make it quick.

christmas was fun. i got money and 3 sweaters. =) i’ve bought two pairs of pants for myself, totalling $35, not bad if i say so myself. and the cargoes i bought are flannel lined =D tres confortable. tres.

when i went to mcdonalds the other day, there was this old man who kept looking at me eat. he looked kinda like a turtle. then his wife came and they were talking and he started laughing and hitting the table. hehe it was funny. when i went to sf for xmas i saw my grandpa for the first time since he went in for surgery (he had cancer or an infection or something on the roof of his mouth). it was really sad. i think he’d lost like 20 or so pounds so he seemed really small and he had a tube that my grandma fed him ensure through, that went from his nose to his throat =(

but yeah, other than that life’s pretty good. break had been going pleasantly slowly (though it’s picking up now).

i think i’m gonna be late for church.


~ by justinhong on December 29, 2002.

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