THANK YOU MISTER MCGILLIS!!! =) Robert McGillis was the custodian who found my wallet, which was IN THE TRASHCAN WITH EVERYTHING TAKEN OUT OF IT (but still in the trashcan) and put all my stuff back (at least the important stuff) and called me. 😀 some ppl make me happy. i’m gonna go pick it up at 9am tomorrow morning.

generations gaps suck.

today i realized that i love my grandparents (on both sides) and i’m gonna miss them a lot when the pass away. i just wish that it wasn’t so hard to communicate with them b/c of the language/age/culture barriers. hehe my dad’s mom is soooo funny in a cool way. she told me today that whenever she say commercials for the mcdonalds scholarships it went too fast for her to get the info. so everyday (for several days) she just waited for it and slowly took down the info =) b/c she “knew i was smart and wanted me to get $1000” (translated from vietnamese).

today i went to my aunt and uncle’s house for xmas dinner. i didn’t eat that much, but the food was good. we just played 13 for awhile, opened presents, and i played night fire (007) with my cousins for who knows how long. good times.

today was a good day. i’m gonna have a merry christmas after all =)


~ by justinhong on December 23, 2002.

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