haha i’m such an idiot… his name was Robert MUNOS (i still don’t know if that’s right but i think it’s an “n” with a ~ thingy). but yeah haha i’m so embarassed i wrote him a thank you/xmas card but i wrote mr. mcgillis on it… how’d it get mcgillis?! even my mom was closer than i was and she wrote “robert manor”… :PPP

but yeah i have my wallet back and that’s all the matters 😀

i must be the saddest boy on the face of this earth. i’m stranded at home, my friends and even family have ditched me and i’m pretty darn bored. today i woke up and went to school at 9 to get my wallet, then i went to breakfast at country inn cafe with ryan and my dad. that was fun. then we went and got an oil filter from kragen ( simon! THERE IS ONE ON BLOSSOM HILL!!! mwahah remember that one time we went all the way to that one other place cuz you said that the closest one to us was on branham? well you were WRONG! mwahahahahahahah). but yeah, after that i came home and went to work out with ryan for the first time in like 4 months. hehe i’m gonna be sooooo sore tomorrow. now to the sad part. after i showered (i know how to use conditioner now!) i decided to call my cousin brandon (whose house i went to last night) up to play night fire again. haha if that isn’t sad enough, when i called no one picked up!!! my little 8th grade cousin has more of a life than i do… kill me now. i’m gonna go cry in the corner now. call me if you’re doing anything.

the end.


~ by justinhong on December 23, 2002.

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