aiyaaaaaaaaaaa. what a week… where to begin?

well actually this week was alright, other than the econ test it was pretty useless. but yeah if y’all didn’t hear about it from me already, on friday after fifth period i “misplaced” my bag with all the stuff that you guys gave me (except for the scarf from kerrio and a few cards) 😦 that was a bummer. haha but i was surprisingly ok. normally i’d probably be hecka pissed and like “why does this stuff happen to me?!” but i guess b/c of the season and not having school for a little while, i felt calm and contented =) but yeah, so i went to wrestling where we watched some of the match against independence (the one i didn’t get to wrestle at, oh yeah by the way, i wrestled medhi and i pinned him in the first round ;D shows you what val knows… hehe) and then weighed ourselves in. so i ditched after sixth period (as usual) but when i got home i realized it didn’t have my wallet with me!!! so yeah i looked all over my car and my house for it but it wasn’t there; and i was gonna go work out with ryan but we just went to school to see if i’d taken it out when i weighed in, but it wasn’t there either. so yeah all in all the school part of friday kinda sucked (but Club Jesus praise was heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeella good, and it was mostly partying so it wasn’t too bad). BUT! God is good (all the time), and apparently i got a call today (when i was watching TWO TOWERS(!!!!)) from one of the janitors form school and they found my wallet! =DDDD soo happy i don’t have to get my driver’s license! hehe but i already went to wells fargo and had them send me a new checing acct card. but yeah while we’re on that topic, it’s really cool how one nice person can totally brighten up your day. like i was really tired after my match, and when i got home i told my parents that i’d lost my wallet, and my dad took it alright but my mom kinda got pissed at me (at which point i started getting pissed too, cuz it’s my stuff and whatnot and she doesn’t really have a right to be mad at me) and told me to go straight to the bank to freeze my account. so yeah i get to wells and went over to the woman that always helps us (i think her name is Jaina) and told her about yesterday. and she was really sympathetic and told me how one time she left $600 worth of fundraising presents (that her coworkers had ordered) in the trunk of a rental car and had to pay for it, and also how she just recently got caught driving without her license. hehe so yeah i left the bank feeling all light and happy, and even better i got to go home and EAT and nap! =D hehe today was good.

so back to yesterday. after school i weighed about 163+ (so that’s like 3lbs overweight) and i was like eh, i’ll just go run a little bit today and not eat tonight and i should make weight by tomorrow. haha but unfortunately last night was PROGRESSIVE DINNER. which i’d been looking forward to for who knows how long (haha probably since right after prog dinner last year). so yeah i got to chew on my gum while all my friends were eating food =) we started out with appetizers at gabby’s house, then we had salad and garlic bread at sarah’s house, then main course (chinese food) at kevin chang’s house, and then dessert at greg’s house. it was surprisingly ok not eating =) i guess good company is always a substitute for food. but anyways i made weight today, haha but i STILL had to run around the gym like 10 times to lose the .2lbs i was over πŸ™‚

wowwww this entry is kinda long (i used to wonder how ppl could write so much, but now i know)… thanks for reading it if you’ve made it this far! God bless.

*i know you understand it all/so why don’t i get back on my feet again?* [jeremycamp-understand]


~ by justinhong on December 22, 2002.

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