i think i’m done ranting now (so therefore this part deserves a new entry).

but yeah on the way home from the match i was thinking about how much i like lloyd. haha i know you guys are probably all like “wth?! lloyd? he’s so weird and stupid and similar looking to al bundy…” etc etc but yeah i do. like when we were getting on the bus to get home (after we lost to pretty much the only team that was standing btwn us and the league championship) the bus driver wouldn’t let us on b/c someone had spilled their soda and so the ground on the back half of the bus was all sticky. so lloyd tells whoever spilt it to go on and clean it up, but of course no one wanted to step up and get yelled at so he dropped the stuff he was carrying and stormed back to the school and got a bucket and wet rag to clean the mess up. (he was already pissed b/c we lost)

an angry lloyd is a scary thing to see.

but yeah i guess i respect him b/c he puts up with us. like to get a picture of the wrestling team think of a bunch of rabid apes grouped together and told to wrestle other apes to the ground… add in a bunch of swear words and subract respect and yeah, that’s them. hehe one time he was talking to all of us “losers” who didn’t get our paperwork in until about the last minute (i’m ashamed to say that i was one of them) and he was telling us how he’s been taking some kinda of medicine every morning for a couple of years now to keep him calm. he was like “i dunno if it works but it’s kind of like snapping yourself with a rubber band. it reminds me every morning not to get so pissed that i hit one of you little f*ckers and lose my job. or not to get so pissed that i say ‘f*ck’ in school and lose my job.” hehehe funny man. but yeah he puts up with a lot of crap from us and i’m sure he’d be an even cooler guy if not for the ppl he’s stuck with.

but yeah other than wrestling today the only other thing that’s troubling me (which oddly is also because of wrestling…) is that progressive dinner happens to (once again) fall on the friday BEFORE one of my wrestling tourneys. so yay i don’t get to eat on friday night… but worry not i’ll probably go to greg’s house to hang out and hopefully not be too tempted to eat. (last year i skipped the tournament but yeah, not this year)

i think that’s about it. oh yeah lloyd said he used to call the losers on the team “punk bitches” but he got in trouble so now he calls them/us “little f*ckers”… don’t ask, i’m not REALLY a wrestler.

                                        – punk bitch (160)

“if i can make it through the day with only a glimpse of your beauty, imagine all the amazing feats i could accomplish with you by my side”


~ by justinhong on December 19, 2002.

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  1. JUSTING! is a dirty dirty boy… good times good times. nice picture 😉  always a favorite with the ladies. happy holidays man.
    good luck with the wrestling … to pin down that sweaty man’s writhing form, to sniff his musk and… *ahem*…
    are you sure you dont’ want some lotion? its actually rather quite nice, its of a almond extract. “Uh no thanks… that’s ok”   oh… well… i’m going to enjoy this… just not as much as if you’d had put the lotion on… are yo usure you don’t want any?
     haha that stuff by will ferrell was probably the only funny stuff in the ladies’ man…
    oh well i’m probably not funny right now, its late and i havne’t showered, bye!

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